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DIY Man in the Moon Photo Booth

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  • Diggit Victoria staffer's son Arvo just sitting on the moon
  • Birthday guest Molly seeing starts
  • Arvo tucks a Cheezie in his pocket
  • Only the Star Wars t-shirt gives away the era here!
  • The set up...
Looking for a creative & charming birthday party idea? A Man in the Moon party may just be the answer. It's less scientific outer-spacey and just whimsical enough to work for wide age range - including adults.

Man in the Moon Photobooth

What you need:

* Man in the Moon image
* 3 black disposable table cloths (or black fabric or big sheets of black paper)
* cardboard the same size as your moon (flattened cardboard boxes work fine)
* spray adhesive
* scissors
* staple gun or small nails & a hammer
* wooden chair you don’t mind punching a few staples or small nails in to
* large foil stars (cut them yourself or buy readymade)

First, find a "Man in the Moon" image that you like online and send it to your local printer asking them to print a 48?x48? image on card stock - for the 3 and under set. You'll want to go bigger if you're expecting taller guests.

Cut out the moon with scissors and glue it on to cardboard cut to fit to reinforce it.

Drape one of the plastic tablecloths over the chair and place the moon around the seat of the chair so when someone sits down it looks like they’re sitting on the moon.

Staple gun or nail the moon into the wooden chair through the tablecloth. Make sure none of the chair is visible.

Figure out where you’re going to set up your paper moon and cover that wall with the remaining black tablecloths/fabric/paper. This is going to be your backdrop. If you have time (I didn’t) you can add some clouds to make it look a little nicer. But, really it doesn’t matter because you’re going to focus your photographs pretty tight around the moon.

Decorate the backdrop with cut out metallic stars or sparkly ones you bought at the very last minute for far too much money from the craft store.

Take a few test shots to figure out the best way to position your subjects. This a good idea if you're hoping to photograph toddlers.

Snap away! Play around with photo editing and filters to get a proper old-fashioned look and email them to your guests after. Pretty memorable.

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