DIY Homemade Wrapping Paper

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I'm not sure why...but about a month ago I became obsessed with the idea of never buying wrapping paper again. I think it might have been because I never have the appropriate wrapping paper for any occasion and end up wrapping everything in layers of tissue paper!

Here are a few tips and tricks for making wrapping paper at home:

There are a few ways you can go about this project depending on your budget. It turns out stamps are rather expensive so if you can't afford to buy new stamps you can make them out of potatoes or try second hand!!! I was lucky and stumbled upon a buy one get one free deal.

There are also a few options for paper. If you want a strong wrapping paper then invest in a higher quality paper or use brown packing paper. I went for the inexpensive option because realistically, the paper only needs to cover what is underneath it, not protect it, and it gets ripped apart in an instant! I went to the Times Colonist and bought a medium sized roll of their end of the roll news print. It cost $4, which goes to charity, and apparently there's 50 feet of it (I think I got that last part wrong but there is a lot of it)! One thing to note is that they do not always have a supply of this paper depending on the time of day so get there early or plan ahead so you don't have to dig out that tissue paper again!

If you're going the stamp route you're going to need the following:


If you're going the potato stamp route then you will need to substitute stamps for the following:


I decided to try this wrapping paper two ways: The first is to lay the paper out and cut it to whatever size you would like then go crazy stamping it.


The other way is to wrap the present first then stamp it! Make sure the present is wrapped in something first so that you do not get any ink absorbing through the paper onto your gift. With this option, you do not waste as much paper and it requires fewer stamps.

Two things I learned from this project: First, do not only buy one colour of ink. I got about two stamps in then wished I had another colour. Second, this does not take as long as I thought it would especially if you wrap the present first. I am super happy with how this project turned out. Family and friends look out, it's stamped newspaper for you this holiday season!

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