DIY Christmas Tree Bobbles

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Happy Holidays all! I was preparing to decorate my Christmas tree and was in desperate need of some new decorations. My friend had some homemade tree bobbles at her house that inspired me to try these out.


Lets get started:


You will also need a hairdryer.

First, pick your crayons, peel off the paper and break them in half. For a medium sized bobble, you should only need half a crayon but feel free to experiment with more or less depending on the size of your bobble. Also, you can use either glass or plastic bobbles for this project.

Place your crayon into the bobble and start your hairdryer. The trick here is to make sure that you are moving the bobble around enough so that the plastic doesn't get too hot. The plastic bobbles will warp rather easily so make sure you're watching carefully and constantly moving either the hairdryer or the bobble.

Once the crayon starts to melt, make sure it coats the entire inside of the bobble. When you are satisfied with the coverage, put the opening of the bobble downwards and keep heating until the remaining wax melts out. It is helpful to put some newspaper down before you do this as it's pretty messy.


When the wax has dried put the metal topper on the bobble and tie some ribbon around it. That is that, your bobble is ready for the tree!

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