We Dig: Ravenstone Farm Artisan Meats

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Well, the Victoria Public Market just got a little more wonderful. Ravenstone Artisan Meats, Victoria's first farmer-owned butcher shop, is now the Market's resident butcher to its baker (we're still waiting patiently for a candlestick maker).

Local farmers Grant Smith, Trevor Hooper and their families have spent the last eight years in our community learning to farm, live and eat ethically. Lucky for us! According to the Victoria Public Market's recent press release, we can expect non-GMO raised chicken and naturally-raised and grass-fed lamb from their own pastures. There's also been some chatter about grass-fed bison on their Facebook page.

We reckon this newest addition to the Victoria Public Market will be a good place to get familiar with where our food comes from and a fine example of local dollars working for our local economy! Also, there will be tasty meat. Let's not forget the meat factor.

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