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I was wandering through the craft store trying to figure out how I was going to make a frame for my cork board when I found this funny kids matching game with aliens on it. 

I had seen DIY's where you attach buttons and cute other things to tacks to use on a cork board so when I saw these little tiles I thought this would be perfect. It was a bonus that it had a frame!

This DIY is kind of specific as it uses this little game which I imagine isn't accessible to everyone but you can adapt this to suit the supplies you have. I found this particular game at Michael's so if you love it, snatch them up because I don't know if they always carry them. Also, I might go back and buy a bunch because I think this is an awesome gift for kids! (I have two nieces and one nephew but I think I might keep this one for me!)

You will need:


1. Measure the area inside the frame of the board and cut your cork using an X-Acto knife to those measurements. Mine was 10.5 X 7.25 inches and at that measurement the cork fits snugly into my frame. 

2. On the side of the cork that will not be showing, place drops of hot glue as needed. Try not to do big blobs of glue as this might make the cork sit too high out of the frame or unevenly in the frame. The picture below shows my glue points. 


3. Now that your cork board is done, it's time to make the tacks (this was the best part). Put a blob of hot glue on the backside of the object you are making into a tack then firmly place the flat part of the tack into the glue.


4. Once the glue is dry you are ready to pin to your hearts content!


Every time I look at this board I giggle at that silly red octopus smiling back at me. It's the little things in life folks! Enjoy. 


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