Story: Springtime on a Farm

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I can’t and will never be able to call my self a farmgirl but this weekend I can officially call my self a cowgirl. Well, a cow feeder/antagonizer to be more accurate.


I spent the weekend at my boyfriends parents house in the Cowichan Valley getting ready for their new family additions. With fences readied and secured and lots of hay and delicious oats, we were ready to get six one year old cows. Fun fact: if there is a hole in the fence anywhere on the 15 acres, they will find a way out. Bad news if you loose your cows! Last year within an hour we looked out the window and saw a lone cow wandering in the front yard, far from where it should be that's for sure. Lesson learned, this year there are no holes in the fences. 


I wanted to share this experience and show some pictures because I got to watch these cows run in a field for the first time in their lives. For the first year of their lives, these cows live in pens. They eat hay and do little else. We kept them in their pen over night so they could get nice and full on hay and oats, then we opened the pen and watched them experience something new. At first they were hesitant and stayed close together but within five minute they began to run and kick their heels in the air. It was like watching kids explore a playground. They ran all the way to the back of the field together then looked back at us and ran back, careful not to get too close. It takes a few more buckets of oats before they understand the purpose of having humans around (oats seem to be akin to five cent candies). I was shocked at the feeling of happiness that spread through me watching these big animals act like little children. It was nostalgic and so pleasant. We wandered around the field keeping our distance and every now and again the heard would look up with a curious expression and take stock of where we were. Within an hour they were following us around the field and through the forest. You can see the curious nature of these animals as they wandered around the new terrain and followed in tow, always careful to stay just far enough away from us that we couldn't do anything tricky. Give it a week and we should be able to walk right up to them and pet them. 

I am looking forward to many more visits up to see the cows this summer!

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