Recipe: Wildflower Vinegar

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It's salad AND flower season and so logically one should be making floral vinegars. It's dead easy, very pretty and makes an excellent host gift. You're also benefiting from all the nutrients of the flowers—dandelions, for example, are a natural anti-inflammatory and is chock-full of vitamins.

What you need:

A glass jar

Enough wildflowers to fill your jar

Apple cider vinegar

What you do:

First, sterilize a glass jar and lid. Keep in mind that vinegar is corrosive and isn't great with metal lids. If you're fortunate enough to have a Weck jar on hand, use that. If not, mason jar lids are coated in plastic—possibly, BPA-leaking plastic, but that appears to be up for debate. Choose whatever you're comfortable with.

First, gather enough edible wild flowers to fill your glass jar. Choose your flowers based on taste, colour and what's in season. Chive flowers impart a gorgeous pink colour and a delicate oniony flavour. Rose is gorgeous and is so interesting with the sweet smell and tart taste. Really, you can use your imagine here, just be sure to do your research and use only unsprayed flowers that you know you can eat. Since I made mine in April, I used a springtime mix of lawn daisies, chive flowers, violets, dandelions, dove's foot, sweet woodruff, forget-me-nots and honesty blooms.

Wash your blossoms or just give them a good shake to roust any little critters and stuff them into the jar. You want to fill your jar up, so you can pack the flowers a bit -- just not too tight.

Pour in enough apple cider vinegar to cover the flowers and seal. Store it in a cool dark place for 6 weeks.

After six weeks, you can either strain the entire jar or strain it as you use it. I prefer the latter as the flowers look pretty and are perfectly preserved. Adding a little bit of honey is lovely and brings out the flavours of the flowers. The vinegar is perfect for salad dressing or to take as a daily supplement. Apple cider vinegar is good for what ails you and for preventing what might!

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