Life of Hair with Sofia Pastro: Bad Hair Day

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  • Kerastate Powder Puff is an excellent dry shampoo
It’s Friday, and you’ve been up for most of the night working on a big presentation for head office. You’re feeling tired but confident in your work and what you can bring to the table. You go to freshen up and mask the dark circles under your eyes when you see it: your hair. You haven’t washed it in three days! The meeting is in ten minutes, what do you do? A panic, B, hyperventilate and panic, or C, work with it.

Bad hair days can happen in all shapes and sizes and usually at the worst of times. It can be greasy, lay flat and look dull, and hopefully not all at the same time. However, all is not lost! A quick solution is in a single bottle of dry shampoo. Dry shampoo is the perfect thing to combat greasiness. It’s a light powder in an aerosol can that you shake, then aim 6 inches away from your scalp and spray. It absorbs all the oil and deodorizes the hair and as a result gives more volume to your previously greasy and flat coiffure.

Spray along your part and hairline to cover the more obvious areas, then backcomb the rest for structure and pin the ends up in either a French twist or a bun, as the ends of the hair are usually unsalvageable. Having your hair up makes you look sophisticated and professional, and by only using the dry shampoo in certain areas you will ensure that your bottle lasts you for your next time of need. Store it in a drawer at your desk with a few bobby pins and elastics and your next hair nightmare will be nothing more than a slight hiccup. You can look polished, sophisticated, and professional, even on day three.

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Have a great hair day!

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