Diggit Victoria Supports Local Female Entrepreneurs

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Diggit Victoria Supports Local Female Entrepreneurs

­ Diggit Victoria is supporting local female entrepreneurs and their businesses through their new, free online marketplace found at http://victoria.diggit.ca. Launched on January 29th, Diggit is a platform for local businesses to showcase their goods and services and conduct transactions with online shoppers. Diggit is absolutely free to use and has unique features such as business profiles, curated content and social sharing ­ all hosted on a beautiful, Pinterest­like platform.

Diggit is particularly committed to supporting small and medium enterprises that are owned by women. Currently, Diggit Victoria has several of these businesses using their site as their ecommerce solution, including Le Velo, The Green Kiss, Two Blooms Design Studio, My Friend Monster, High Road Clothing, Lady Minions and Little Minions.

“Women are the heart of the Victoria community and so it’s important to showcase their talents and support their livelihoods”, said Tish Hill, CEO of Semadic, the company responsible for Diggit Victoria . “We are a platform where women can market their business, reach new customers and clients and social network with other key influencers in the community”, said Hill.

With over 35,000 visitors and 800 registered users, Diggit Victoria is unlocking the digital marketing potential for businesses in Victoria and helping to put them on the map.

“Our combination of innovative site design, compelling marketing and a genuine commitment to the community, makes us the ecommerce choice for local business”, said Hill.

Diggit Victoria is a free, local online marketplace that allows you to share news & stories, buy & sell and get to know your neighbors. Through its innovative user interface and design, Diggit Victoria is a hub of social and e­commerce activity.

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