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Mass Exodus at UsedVictoria Benefits Local Start Up

There’s a new marketplace in town, and its been dreamed up and developed by the expats of Launched on January 29th, Diggit Victoria (found at is a new free marketplace where people can buy and sell locally, with all the convenience of ecommerce. With over 23,000 unique visitors and 10,000 active ads already under their belts, the team is crediting their time at UsedVictoria for their success.

“We learned a lot about what people are looking for when buying and selling online”, said Tish Hill, the ex­Manager of and CEO of Semadic, the company responsible for . “We’ve collected everything we learned over the years and created a marketplace that is entirely new and has never been seen before”.

And this is only Version 1. The Diggit Victoria team will be launching new versions that will include an inventory tracking system and data packages that will allow businesses to learn more about their customers and where they are coming from. This week, Diggit Victoria launched their “Buy Now” button, offering shoppers a way to purchase through the site itself. The team is currently testing this functionality, but is hoping for more Vancouver Island businesses to get involved in the pilot program.

“We want to unlock this digital marketing potential and put small businesses on the map”, said Hill. “This shopping cart functionality will allow businesses with or without storefronts to be open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week”.

With a team of 20 innovative developers, social media experts and marketing professionals, Hill has built a site that will change the face of ecommerce forever. Eight of these 20 superstars are from UsedVictoria and a majority of the developers worked for Terapeak, a local research tool for Ebay sellers. Hill says this combination better informs their knowledge of online marketplaces and how to become a resource to small and medium enterprises.

Diggit Victoria offers other unique features such as user profiles, which improves safety and accountability when buying and selling; curated content that changes seasonally and with social trends; multiple image uploader and editor, which allows users to crop, rotate and add filters to their images as they post an item, and an advanced search functionality which allows shoppers to drill down to exactly what they’re looking for.

Along with the site itself, Diggit Victoria engages meaningfully in the Victoria community. Every day, the Diggit Army visits local playgrounds and gives out free coffee and reusable shopping bags to parents and other passersby. They are also involved in countless local events, including the ‘Discover the Fun’ scavenger hunt, presented by Saanich Parks and Recreation and this year’s Hero Work campaign, with proceeds going to the Mustard Seed.

“We have a genuine care and concern for the communities we serve, particularly in Victoria, as that’s where we all live and work”, said Hill. “We acknowledge that launching in this market means we need to listen carefully to our users, and this is something we’re committed to throughout the development of our next versions”.

Diggit Victoria is a free, local online marketplace that allows you to share news & stories, buy & sell and get to know your neighbors. Through its innovative user interface and design, Diggit Victoria is a hub of social and e­commerce activity.

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