Why not rubber? An artists' lifetime of creating in a variety of mediums has left my mind open to exploit new directions. There are no limits to what it is possible to create. I am employed as a fashion stylist and jewelry designer, Tired of the same old thing it was time to change it up big time! Sweaters often look more interesting when worn upside down. Accessories in surprising materials become the most wonderful conversation starters. So, why not rubber? It is light weight, easy to wear and the perfect complement to my beloved lagenlook (layered) clothing. A new shop is born.



SKYLER necklace FN 401


Skyler simply exudes confidence. I named this necklace after her as it reminds me of her single m...

FE 620


Whimsical handmade rubber feather fun! Available in purples or greys. Sterling silver ear w...

COCO Necklace FN 510


COCO is understated elegance at its best. This is the perfect necklace to take on your next adve...

1 fave

FE 201


These hand wrapped wire balls with black rubber accents will soon become your favorite everyday e...

EMILY necklace FN 115


Emily thinks out of the box. This necklace is free form and fun fun fun, just like her! Twist an...

FIGGIE bracelet FB 801


Hand crafted. Fashioned in black and silver this rubber bracelet is the perfect compliment to an...

FIGGIE earrings FE 151


Arty, fun light weight earrings that will catch the light as they swing on your ears. Hand forme...

FIGGIE earrings FE 119


Figgie Boxed earrings. Hand formed and hammered out to a lovely sheen. How fun are these! Alwa...

BRIANNE necklace FN 107


Brianne has the biggest heart of any one that I know and just one necklace would hardly do her ju...

FIGGIE earrings FE 107


Hand hammered, super light weight. Fun and flirty earrings. Always with sterling silver ear wire...

ROSIE Necklace FN 161


The Rosie necklace is a FIGGIE "Best Seller" A surprisingly light weight necklace named for my...

Rings! FR 900


Hand crafted especially for you. Look for the twist of humour added to every ring. No two are ev...

FIGGIE earrings FE 301


Bollywood earrings. Dance to your hearts content. These earring are just plain happy! Always ...

FIGGIE earrings FE 345


Antique silver jump rings swinging on a rubber bar! Always with sterling silver ear wires. Cu...

FIGGIE earrings FE 118


Hand hammered ,super light weight, dramatic, and fun earrings. Always with sterling silver ear w...

FIGGIE earrings FE 155


Hand hammered ,super light weight, dramatic, and fun earrings. Always with sterling silver ear w...

DELLE necklace FN 102


My artist friend Delle is an amazing designer. There is simply nothing that she cannot make. Styl...

BIRGIT necklace FN 105


My good friend Birgit is a sculptress extraordinaire. She tells the most amazing stories. (Like t...

FN 333 ISABELLA Necklace


Introducing my new amberlicious ISABELLA necklace...... Is that a word? Who cares it is fun! A w...

FN 482 TRIBAL Necklace


Feeling fantastic today? Click on this rubber necklace and rock the day. The super strong magnet...

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